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My name is Rebecca Hughes

I am a transformational coach, delivering therapeutic sessions as a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. I am a trained instructor and first aider of Mental Health First Aid  England (MHFA), and NHS Mental Health Nurse.

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Rebecca Hughes Qualified Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner and NHS Mental Health Student Nurse

My Mission Statement

Our emotional health is our most precious possession and our mental wellbeing, a tool essential to thrive.

To me, Still Mind is a mental state of calmness and feeling at ease with your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

A Still Mind will freely embrace happiness while navigating life, in a realistic and controlled manner.

I am passionate about supporting people in all areas of mental health, working therapeutically with individuals, supporting them to reach their emotional and mental potential.

About Me

I am a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) coach and experienced mental health leader. Currently accredited with an integrated diploma in three disciplines - Neuro Linguistic Programming  (NLP), Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching.  I am an avid emotional health advocate with extensive experience working in corporate companies, education, child fostering services, and the NHS.


 My passion is working therapeutically with people, supporting emotional growth and a positive reset in mental wellbeing. Through coaching, applying NLP techniques and clinical hypnosis support, an individual will achieve transformational change in a short period of time. Permanent improvement is achievable for everyone once the newly formed skills from the bespoke sessions are applied to everyday life.

I work with individuals, adults, teens and children. I also design and deliver group activity sessions for community and corporate organisations. Customised, individual and group wellbeing services and programmes are also available for small businesses and larger corporations.

One to one and group sessions are available, face to face or via online (Zoom).

Face to face sessions are held in our Oldham, Rochdale, Wilmslow and Central Manchester therapy centres.

National and International sessions via Online sessions, Zoom (time zone differences are no problem).

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