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Simply find a quiet relaxing area and dedicate 45 mins uninterrupted time to listen and rest!

Listen every week for 6 weeks. We also create personalised recordings....keep scrolling....

Personalised Hypnosis Recordings Service

Have your very own personalised recording created for yourself or a loved one. Within a 20 minute conversation with a qualified hypnotherapist, your needs are discussed to create unique affirmations. Then an individualised script will be written and professionally recorded, then you will recieve an email with your recording in the format of an MP3.


SELF-HYPNOSIS self-care, works best when supported by healthy habits. Consider sleep hygiene, exercise, diet, and fluid patterns. Utilise healthy coping strategies to support your emotional health and mental wellbeing alongside using The Still Mind Therapy Clinic’s Hypnosis recordings.

For support with other healthy habits please contact the clinic via email once you have purchased your recording and you will be provided with a free guide!

Instructions for use: Simply find a quiet relaxing area and dedicate 45mins uninterrupted time to listen and rest! Ensure you have a glass of water and a blanket if you like to feel cosy while resting.

All recordings are currently on offer for £4 – that’s only 66p a week for the course of 6 weeks self-hypnosis dedicated time.

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