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Sunday Blues

Sunday Blues

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Tired of battling the Sunday blues? Defeat the creeping dread caused by Sunday night blues with our specially designed self-hypnosis recording.


Sunday Blues Syndrome is a form of anticipatory anxiety, characterized by heightened levels of anxiety when thinking about an upcoming event or situation, such as returning to work on Monday morning or going back to school after the weekend.


The 'Sunday anxiety' triggers feelings and thoughts that tend to encroach on people while they are trying to enjoy their last hours of the weekend. Some individuals experience deep sadness, intense dread, and difficulty sleeping.


Our self-hypnosis recording can be used at any point over the weekend to instantly alleviate symptoms. For long-term relief, we recommend a minimum of 6 weeks of use to release anxiety related to this issue.

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    Not suitable for those under 16 years of age. 

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